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You love plank floorings? We do too. And we are experts in plank floorings!

They are one of the oldest forms of wooden flooring and have accompanied Gaisbauer Möbelwerkstätten through four generations. Both in the form of renovations and new floors, as old wood planks or made of precious woods. We create floors of the highest quality and with the finest craftsmanship using specially manufactured milling sets for the tongue and groove joints. Floors for eternity – extremely durable, extremely long-lasting, extremely high quality

Plank floorings from Gaisbauer always look good, even after many years. Why?

  • Because with Gaisbauer floors there are no unwanted joints between the planks. Thanks to the exclusive use of long seasoned old wood or three-layer wood, there is neither shrinkage nor swelling of the wood to worry about.

  • Because Gaisbauer floors offer the highest surface quality. Thanks to the finest sanding, staining as desired and two to three times spray sealing.

  • Because with Gaisbauer floors the edges of every single plank are bevelled. Thanks to this small bevel, an additional charming structure and an even more authentic character are created.

Gaisbauer has stood for noble wood since 1888. Like good wine, our ship floors also become more special over the years. Create a characteristic atmosphere in your home with our products and give every room its own individual statement. In your villa, in the loft, in the art gallery, regardless of whether it is made of worm-eaten old wood that has been stored for decades or centuries or of cross-laminated three-layer precious wood.

Plank flooring

Plank flooring details

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