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Retreat, oasis, wet room – something different for everyone. But the days when you had to fiddle with tubs in kitchens or laundry rooms to attend to hygiene are certainly history for everyone. Today, there are hardly any limits to bathroom ideas, purely functional elements are supplemented with spa components, the bathroom has become an extended living space.

Satisfied customers

Gaisbauer has the solution for exactly this. And the competence. It is not for nothing that the 200 washstands in the Park Hyatt Vienna bear the luxurious signature of the furniture manufacturer in Aschach an der Donau. Because Gaisbauer guarantees the highest quality, selected materials that are perfectly matched to the respective requirements, as well as the finest craftsmanship.

The general rule is: everything is feasible

All bathroom furniture complies with the standards, everything is waterproof and anti-scratch, nothing swells and nothing shrinks. Due to the most precise manual workmanship and the use of special glues, even veneers are possible, other woods are cross-glued and can be lacquered in the entire RAL spectrum to be waterproof and lightfast. Complementary materials such as marble, plexiglass or stone are manufactured in cooperation with experienced partner companies.

Conception and complete solutions

A washing machine should “disappear” elegantly, a bathtub needs a new screen, the bathroom is small and angled, but you still don’t want to do without anything? We will be happy to plan the optimal complete solution for you and your individual needs! Whether classic or modern.

Bathroom Park Hyatt Vienna

Bathroom cabinet with built-in washing machine

Modern bathroom

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