“Window to the courtyard” by Alfred Hitchcock. “Room with a view” by James Ivory. Windows to look at by Hannes Gaisbauer.

Because box-type windows by Gaisbauer are far too beautiful to be merely functional. They have perfect proportions and never seem clunky. They are unsurpassed in originality and fit harmoniously into any Baroque or Biedermeier façade. Or in country houses and courtyards.

Thanks to the original, specially manufactured profile milling sets, Gaisbauer can not only offer you the most beautiful profiles, but each bar is also ground by hand and subjected to strict quality control.

Conservation, preservation, renovation, modernisation – everything is possible. And it’s flawless! Because only selected and particularly durable hardwoods such as Nordic woods or oak are used. This is one of the reasons why the windows of Gaisbauer Möbelwerkstätten offer the highest protection against wind and weather, winter and summer.

Like our plank floorings, our box-type windows also have the surface quality of a piece of furniture. You decide which opening direction of the outer and inner casements best suits your property and whether you would prefer a glaze treatment, an oil paint or a different finish.

Of course, you can choose from all opening variants:

  • Mullion window (outer sash outwards, inner sash inwards)
  • Frame mullion window (outer and inner sashes inwards)
  • Mullioned window (outer and inner sash to the inside, the outer sash sits on the outside)

In the case of renovations, thanks to many years of cooperation with professional partner companies, you have the advantage of receiving a comprehensive complete overhaul of frame, mullion, glass and fittings from a single source. Among others, Wilhering Abbey relied on the high level of expertise of Gaisbauer Möbelwerkstätten GmbH for the refurbishment of its box-type windows.

Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. Our windows, with their uniqueness, exclusivity and quality, are the soul of every house and a true feast for the eyes. We would be happy to advise you as well!

Domgasse, Linz (Austria)

Domgasse, Linz (Austria) detail

Klosterstraße, Linz (Austria)

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