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“I have so many books” | Sentences like this we hear often and with pleasure.

Whether it’s the last corner of the flat that needs to be covered, whether it’s already being considered to have the space above the flat entrance door built into the vestibule area. Or whether there are generous open spaces that allow for airier designs: We always take great pleasure in doing libraries.

For us, good design still begins with a pencil stroke, and not necessarily with a mouse click. You understand? In careful consultation with the customers, we try to respond to their needs, to understand them. And then there are really many possibilities available: 50 different router sets – some of them with interchangeable knives – allow a great variety of profiles, edges, plinths and finishes. 

Beautifully laid veneer such as “bookmatch” – veneers where the veneer leaves are mirrored, ingeniously adjustable compartments, finely sanded surfaces: All this makes the difference that you can see and feel. Libraries by Gaisbauer are simply the perfect frame for your literature collection.

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