Savannah Smokers Canapé


208 cm wide * 80 cm deep * 90 cm high

Biedermeier Canapé 3-seater

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Biedermeier Canapé 3-seater | Expressive design and a touch of the exaggerated comfort from the legendary Smokers Clubs to ponder. In addition, a beautiful cabinetmaker’s work with the best materials and rare traditional handicraft techniques. The upholstery is also special: spiral springs are mounted on invisible spruce bars, with multi-layer construction on top. Tile-like, the fabric is piqued from below and stretched with thick splits downward onto the spruce battens (hand-lacing). The upholstery is thus on tension, and feels harder on the surface. The soft backrest cushion is removable. Furniture can stand freely in the room, also covered with fabric on the back wall. Here: Walnut and burr walnut and inlaid maple veins. High gloss.

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